Wrinkle Treatments to Help You Avoid a Facelift

Posted on: 18 October 2022

Have your wrinkles grown more and more intense over the years? Perhaps wrinkle creams and serums used to do enough for you, but they're not cutting it anymore. At this point, a lot of people start considering a facelift. However, facelifts are surgical, and they do come with risks. If you'd rather avoid a facelift, consider trying the following treatments. All are stronger and more effective than wrinkle serums, but less invasive than facelifts.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable solutions that are meant to add volume to your skin. If they are injected into the wrinkle, they plump up the skin in that area, helping to camouflage the wrinkle. There are fillers that work best for smaller wrinkles, and others that work well for deeper wrinkles. Most contain hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that becomes depleted from your skin as you age. The deeper-acting and longer-acting fillers may also stimulate your skin to produce more of its own collagen in the weeks following injection, which can enhance the effects and help them last longer.

Dermal fillers are not permanent, but the results are pretty long-lasting. You may get several months or even a year out of one round of injections, depending on how your skin reacts.

Laser Treatments

These days, it seems like there are laser treatments for everything. The ones for wrinkles tend to be really effective. You won't see results instantly. Instead, the results will develop in the weeks after your laser treatment as your skin begins producing more collagen to fill in the wrinkles. You can expect some redness and soreness for a few days after laser treatment, but that's the only real side effect to worry about. Most people do need a few laser treatments to get the results they desire.


Microneedling is a treatment that involves inserting lots of tiny, little needles into the skin. It can be performed in areas where the skin is wrinkled or where fine lines are forming. The tiny punctures stimulate your skin's healing process, and in the process of healing, your skin makes more collagen that helps ease the appearance of wrinkles. Microneedling will make your skin a bit sore for a few days, but it is still so much less invasive than a facelift.

If you have wrinkles but want to avoid surgery, consider the options above. Your cosmetic doctor can also help you decide which one suits you best.