Balance Issues As An Athlete? Visit An Audiologist

Posted on: 29 December 2019

Competing at a high level as an athlete requires a full range of capabilities, both physical and mental. Unfortunately, many athletes may suffer an ear infection or another related ear problem that spreads and causes balance issues that can be quite difficult to fully understand. Thankfully, a high-quality audiologist can help in this situation. With their help, an athlete can discover the source of their balance problems and manage them properly. 

Balance Problems Can Be Very Distracting

Athletes probably take their balance for granted because it likely never failed to support them when they need the help. Unfortunately, balance problems can easily develop in the ear of even the strongest athletes. This problem often occurs due to injuries – imagine getting hit hard in the head with a ball – or blood pressure issues that make a person's equilibrium less balanced and more prone to triggering falls.

And while some health problems, like vertigo or Meniere's disease can also cause balance problems, almost all of them center in one spot of the head – the ears. Weaker legs or arthritis may also contribute to balance problems in the elderly but probably not in most athletes at the peak of their strength. Therefore, they may need to talk to an audiologist to learn more about what is affecting their balance and their overall health as well.

How Audiologists Can Help

Any athlete with balance problems who wants to avoid complications with their career should consider visiting an audiologist. These experts work on the ears and the areas of the body associated with the hearing. Their primary goal is to make sure that people don't damage their hearing or other areas of their ears. However, they are also responsible for the balance of their patients, as well.

Therefore, these professionals can work with a patient to understand what issues are triggering balance problems and take steps to fix them. Often, these steps involve checking for infections that may have spread from the opening of the ear down towards the ear drum. In these areas, the equilibrium can be quite easily disrupted and cause a person to fall down when walking or trying to stand.

Thankfully, these professionals can then provide treatment that manages an infection or other concerns that cause balance problems. With their help, an athlete can retain their strength and their ability to compete at a high level without causing serious problems to their career.