• More Than Headaches? Take Your Child To The Pediatrician For These Symptoms

    It's not unusual for kids to have headaches every now and then. They can be caused by tiredness, stress, or hunger — much like headaches in adults. Often, you can give your child some water and a snack, have them rest for a while, and maybe give them a dose of pain reliever, and the headache will go away. But there are times when headaches are more serious and warrant a visit to the pediatrician.
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  • When Should Your Call A Doctor About Abdominal Bloating?

    Should you see a stomach doctor for abdominal bloating? Some causes, such as weight gain or a woman's menstrual cycle, can result in a temporary tight, swollen, or full feeling. But other issues may signal a chronic problem. If you're not sure why your belly is bloated, take a look at the top reasons to contact a medical provider about this common abdominal issue. You Have Bloat and Bowel Issues
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