How to Choose a Marijuana Dispensary

Posted on: 31 August 2021

Today you can walk into a brick-and-mortar marijuana dispensary or order the product online with ease. However, your customer experience will differ considerably across the many available marijuana dispensaries. So, what are the attributes of the ideal marijuana dispensary? It would help if you considered asking the following questions during the purchase process. 

Does the Store Have a Broad Menu? 

Primarily, every customer desires to walk into a shop and find a wide variety of cannabis brands and strains. Thus, a marijuana dispensary that stores high-demand cultivators and specific brands is a significant attraction. The dispensary should be able to avail the products in different forms, including flowers, concentrates, and edibles. Besides, the products should meet customers' quantity needs from a few grams to a sizeable amount. In addition, check out if the marijuana dispensary stocks accessories like pipes, vaporizers, lighters, and grinders. This way, you can enjoy a one-stop shop for quality products that completes your consumption requirement.

Are the Staff Professional and Knowledgeable? 

The ideal marijuana dispensary should have professional and knowledgeable budtenders. Like in any other store, customer care enhances the purchase experience. Thus, assess whether the staff are approachable, patient, and respectful. More so, analyze the staff attire and communication skills for professionalism. More so, the budtenders should have extensive knowledge about their cannabis products. In particular, the staff should explain the products, the ingredients, concentration, the benefits and side-effects. More so, the budtenders ought to have enough expertise to recommend the appropriate product and dose based on the customer's needs. 

Is the Pricing Strategy Competitive? 

Every customer deserves fair pricing. Unfortunately, the excise taxes applicable on marijuana products make the prices high. However, this does not mean that marijuana dispensaries do not have price benefits for customers. Thus, take time to search for a store that offers a reasonable price for their goods and services. In particular, find out if the dispensary has promotional discounts. For instance, you may save through price and product discounts based on the purchase amount. Besides, some marijuana dispensaries have loyalty programs that provide price points for frequent shoppers. Lastly, shop at a marijuana dispensary that offers consistent prices for predictability and easy budgeting.  

Does the Store Have Value Added Services? 

In addition to competitive prices, a good marijuana dispensary ought to offer extra services. Thus, other than the cannabis products, find out other benefits you can get from the particular store. For instance, there are stores with wellness services such as yoga, massage, and nutritional counselling. More so, you may access training services on cultivating and cooking with marijuana. In addition, the dispensary may provide valuable contacts for networking and participation in cannabis educators, activists, and user communities. Such extra services are offered freely, and they can enhance customer experience and engagement. 

The retail experience in a marijuana dispensary contributes to user experience. Thus, select a store with the staff, products, and services that stand out in the emerging industry.