Types Of Cannabis Concentrates You May See At The Dispensary

Posted on: 28 May 2021

Bulk flower and prerolls are two of the most common products sold at dispensaries. They are quite familiar to most people who use cannabis for either recreational or medicinal purposes. However, these products are not all that dispensaries sell. Most dispensaries also sell an array of cannabis concentrates. You may look right past these products if you're not familiar with them, but in doing so, you could be missing out! Here are the most common types of cannabis concentrates you might see at a dispensary.


Shatter was the first concentrate to be sold at dispensaries in several legal states. It looks a bit like peanut brittle; it's the same color, and it has a similar texture. If you drop shatter or smack it against something, it will shatter — just as the name suggests! This product is made by extracting the THC and other cannabinoids from the plant, along with the plant's various oils. This is done using a solvent — usually carbon dioxide. Most people who smoke shatter do so in a dab rig, although there are also vape pens designed specifically for use with shatter. It is very concentrated, and a tiny amount is needed.


Rosin contains similar compounds to shatter, but a different method is used to remove it from the cannabis flower. Instead of being removed with a solvent, rosin is basically squeezed or pressed from the cannabis. This gives it a fresher flavor and higher terpene content than shatter. In other words, it tastes more like cannabis. Those who really like the effects of terpenes tend to prefer rosin to other cannabis concentrates for this reason. It has a honey-like texture, and like shatter, you can either dab it or use it in a special vaporizer unit.


Distillate is a concentrate that only contains the exact cannabinoid mentioned on the label. So, if you see THC distillate, it only contains concentrated THC without any of the terpenes, other cannabinoids, or essential oils from the plant. You typically use distillate orally. You can place a few drops under the tongue for immediate effects or add it to edibles for a more delayed reaction. Distillate is very potent, so you only need to use a drop or two at a time.

Whether you like terpenes in your products or not, there is a cannabis concentrate option waiting for you at your local dispensary. Enjoy!