Things To Consider When Choosing A New Primary Care Physician And Why You Need One

Posted on: 30 March 2021


A primary care physician is a physician you would see for health issues such as chronic health issues, allergies, rashes, stitches, cold/flu, and other minor health issues such as sprains, headaches, or minor burns. A primary care physician is usually your regular physician you would see, who can refer you to a specialist if need be. Read on for things to consider before choosing your primary care physician and why you need one.

Consider The Following When Choosing A Primary Care Physician

You may need a new primary care physician if you've moved to a new city or state or if your primary care physician has retired. Consider these things when choosing a new one:

  • Was your phone call returned, and was the office staff friendly and helpful? A helpful staff is important when dealing with things such as scheduling appointments, billing help, and dealing with insurance.
  • Is it easy to get appointments? If appointment times are hard to come by, it may be because there are just too many patients. You want to be able to be seen when you're sick, so if it's too busy, you may want to find a new physician.
  • Is there more than one physician in the office or a nurse practitioner? If there is more than one physician in the office, you may have a better chance at being seen or more appointment times may be available.
  • How is the physician's demeanor? Does the physician have a good bedside manner? If you aren't comfortable talking with the physician, you may not feel comfortable discussing embarrassing or difficult to talk about medical issues with your physician.

If you are in doubt about which physician to go with, talk to neighbors, co-workers or friends and family about which physician they use for some referrals. Primary care physicians are also the most likely to offer direct primary care payment options, which gives you flexibility and control over your medical expenses.

Why Do You Need A Primary Care Physician?

A primary care physician is who you will go to when you have minor health issues or issues you've been dealing with for some time that you just need help keeping under control. Without a primary care physician, you're going to deal with someone that doesn't already know your entire medical history and background. You're also going to end up paying more money if you use an urgent care physician or go to the emergency room for minor problems.

If you're in need of a primary care physician, be sure to do your homework and make an appointment today for a health screening and exam to keep up with your overall health and well-being.