Why A Walk-In Medical Clinic Might Be The Best Choice For Your Child's Sports Physical

Posted on: 31 December 2019

If your child is in school and interested in playing sports, the school will likely require a physical before your kid can take to the court or field. Schools often send a doctor or physician to the school for this purpose, but you are not obligated to use the school-provided doctor. You can get your child's physical anywhere before the start of the sports season, as long as it's by an actual doctor. To that end, here are a few reasons why you might want to choose a walk-in medical clinic for your child or teen's sports physical:

A Walk-In Medical Clinic May Go More In Depth

When it comes to school-provided doctors for sports physicals, the doctors likely have dozens or even hundreds of kids that they have to get through over the course of however long they are there. This means that most children might get ten minutes at the most before the doctor moves on to the next patient. While it can be nice to just go in and out for the physical, you and your child hopefully want a more complete appointment. A medical doctor outside the school, like the ones you will find at a walk-in clinic, will be able to take additional time if needed to make sure your child is absolutely ready to go.

Great for Finding a Doctor Quickly If This Was a Last-Second Decision

Your child suddenly decided they wanted to play basketball or another sport right before the tryouts started. If the tryouts came after the time period when the school-provided doctor was doing physicals, you will have no choice but to find your own doctor in order to get your child in compliance for the upcoming season. You could schedule with your primary care doctor, but if he or she is booked, your kid could be out of luck. A walk-in medical clinic will allow your child to get taken care of quickly while still providing a top-notch and complete physical like your primary care doctor would normally provide.

Your child is excited to get on the court or field, but both you and your child's school likely want to make sure they are ready for the experience. Getting a sports physical at a walk-in medical clinic is a great way to take care of business quickly while still getting a complete exam that won't feel rushed. Contact a local clinic today for more information