Tips That Could Help You Fight Erectile Dysfunction

Posted on: 3 January 2020

Erectile dysfunction or ED is obviously an embarrassing or at least an annoying problem to have. If you have been having problems performing in the bedroom, you'll first need to pinpoint the source of the problem. ED can be caused by a wide variety of different issues. For best results when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, you might want to contact professional medical help. But if you want to try and treat or overcome the issue yourself, here are some things you can try.

Change Your Diet or Lose Weight

If your body is not properly circulating blood, you might have a difficult time getting blood flow down to the penis. It's possible your diet or your weight could be the problem. Be honest with yourself and consider just how healthy or not you are actually eating. If you don't have any fruits and veggies in your diet and are eating a ton of processed foods, this could impede or at least not encourage proper blood circulation throughout your body.

If you are obese, you should also consider whether that extra weight is affecting your performance. Excess fat can lead to issues with pinched nerves or nerves not responding as effectively as they should. This could also cause your penis to not respond properly because the nerves just aren't getting the signal through.

Take a T Supplement

If you are getting older, chances are good your body is no longer producing as much testosterone or T as you used to. Low T can result in a low sex drive and even erectile dysfunction. If you often feel like you have low energy or other issues that are traditionally associated with low T, try taking an over the counter T supplement. Wait a week or two and see if this improves your sex drive and your ability to perform.

Quit Smoking

Did you know that nicotine restricts or narrows blood vessels? This could be slowing or restricting the flow of blood to the penis. Simply put, this goes back to your overall lifestyle and being honest with yourself about what kind of shape your body is in.

Visualize Success

Sometimes ED is a mental game more than anything else. If you have performance anxiety, that anxiety about not being able to perform is exactly what will prevent you from performing. Try the power of visualization to imagine yourself performing as you want to. Do this on a regular basis and it will be easier for your mind to get into the right mood when it's time to actually have sex.

Contact a professional about your ED today if you need additional help.