Why It's So Important To Have A Family Physician

Posted on: 9 January 2020

The statement "Health is wealth" is true in every sense of the word. No matter how great things may be going for you and your family it won't be as sweet if someone isn't feeling well. A good doctor is a health maintenance partner who works with you to help treat and prevent physical issues. If you're used to going to different physicians depending on who is available at the time, take a look at why you should make a firm commitment by partnering with a set family physician.

A Family Doctor Knows Your History

Developing a relationship with a family physician allows them to get to know you on a more intimate level. You'll share very personal information about your family's medical history with the doctor so they can start keeping a record that could really come in handy at a later date.

Going to different doctors can be problematic for many reasons. Think about a time that you and a friend shared a memorable event together. All you really have to do is mention the date when the event took place, chuckle at the thought of it, or say a single word and both of you are instantly in sync and can laugh to your heart's content. This wouldn't happen with a stranger or someone who wasn't there at the time and you would have to retell the entire story in order for the new person to get the picture.

This is what it's like when you don't have a family physician. Each time you go to the clinic you'll have to fill out new paperwork and give your medical history all over again. The new doctor won't know that your child suffers from repeated throat aches or that you had your appendix taken out last year. It can get quite exhausting if you have to give the information to a different person with every visit!

Diagnose In A Flash

When your family physician is familiar with the medical problems that run in your family, they may be able to diagnose you at a much quicker pace. This is great for emergency situations when you or someone in your household is in pain and needs to find relief right away.

Choosing a family doctor is a step in the right direction. Don't wait; find a good physician and set them up as your go-to doctor from this moment on.