Don't Let A Devastating Divorce Lead To Unhealthy Weight Gain: 5 Important Reasons You Need To Join A Supportive Program

Posted on: 13 January 2020

As if divorce weren't hard enough to go through, many people also experience significant weight gain during this time, leading to an increase in all kinds of health problems. No matter how devastating your divorce, you really need to think about the consequences it's having on your physical and mental health and work actively towards avoiding packing on the extra pounds that are nearly impossible to get off later. Here's why joining a weight loss program can be so valuable to you:

1. You're Probably Not Eating Very Well Right Now

After divorce, men typically reduce their intake of fruits and vegetables by a whopping 25 percent, and most people enduring the dramatic changes associated with going through a separation tend to not take very good care of themselves. Binge-eating, eating to self-console, and simply not bothering to prepare healthy meals can all lead to weight gain, which only makes matters worse.

2. Gaining Weight Usually Compounds Depression

Understandably, many divorcees suffer from depression, although the duration and intensity can vary. Many people who are depressed are practically looking for ways to feed their sadness, and if the scale starts showing weight gain, that tends to add to the misery. If you can avoid that weight gain to begin with, you're in a much better position to recover from the divorce more intact and healthy and in a stronger state of mind.

3. You Need To Do Something Positive For Yourself

No matter who's to blame or not for your divorce, you likely feel like you've failed yourself and/or your family in some way. While that's normal, it's pretty difficult to deal with. Joining a weight management program is a very positive thing to do for yourself, and it can boost your self-esteem in ways you didn't think possible at this time. 

4. Long-Term Weight Management Is Key To Long-Term Health Management

Especially if you're somewhere around middle age, this is not the time to put weight on, because it's so hard to work off later. Along with weight gain comes serious compromises to your overall health, such as diabetes and heart problems. Managing weight now, particularly as you go through a difficult period, should help you retain health longer, along with developing or reinforcing the healthy habits that will keep you in shape as you get older.

5. You Need Self-Confidence To Re-Enter The Singles' Scene

Even if you're not ready or willing to hit the dating scene now, at some point in the future, you probably will be. Presenting yourself to the world as a single person really pecks away at your self-confidence, even if you're slim and gorgeous; thus, if you put on extra weight, you'll be that much harder on yourself and feel that much more judged by those who look at you. Hopefully, you'll eventually get back into the singles scene feeling strong with a positive body image and a lot of lessons learned under your belt.

While joining a weight management clinic can help you avoid packing on unhealthy pounds following a divorce, there are other areas of your life that may need extra attention now, too. Depression, substance abuse, and other afflictions are not uncommon, but they're certainly not deserved. Life can be hard, but if you reach out for help getting through the more difficult times, that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel should be visible soon.