Innovative Treatment Care Technology For Breast Cancer Patients

Posted on: 4 February 2020

Breast cancer disease is best defined as cancer genes in your DNA that are turned on, which produces mutations. When the activation occurs, cancerous cells begin to grow uncontrollably. The oldest treatment for cancer has always been chemotherapy, which combats the mutations. How though, can the mutations be handled?

Acceleration Of Mutations Increase

Unfortunately, mutations multiply and accelerate when chemotherapy is applied. Acceleration of the mutations continues to rapidly increase in growth and in the interim the mutations develop resistance to chemotherapy treatments. When yet more chemotherapy is induced, researchers discovered that it pushed the mutations faster. So the mutations begin to spread in an invasive manner. The underlying problem is that chemotherapy treatments are based on clinical trials. However, the use of clinical trials is not based on individual patient treatment for you as a patient but is based on other people's protocol when the trials are held. So clinical trials may not be a perfect match for each individual patient who suffers from breast cancer.

Researchers must find new cancer treatments that are accurate matches for oncologists to use on their breast cancer patients. One innovative cancer treatment known as Oncogene Silencing and Cancer Stem Cells is a promising approach to cancer care.

Oncogene Silencing And Cancer Stem Cells

Oncogene silencing and cancer stem cells proceed to silence DNA mutations, and this technology reportedly is used in other countries to silence the genes. Unfortunately, this technology is not available in America and is not approved by the FDA for cancer treatment. Direct silencing of the genes with Oncogene Silencing is virtually the only hope for patients in this country who undergo treatment for breast cancer without good responses. Right now, they do not have the choice of using this new technology while patients elsewhere in other countries have the option of using this treatment.

Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer care treatment utilizing immunotherapy is the newest technology for fighting this disease here in this country. It helps to rid your body of cancerous cells and tumors. Your immune system uses its inborn ability to get rid of active cancer cells and metastatic cancer cells as well. Immunotherapy has the ability to target your immune system to overcome the cancer cells. In so doing, immunotherapy cancer treatment prevents cancer cells from evading treatment. There are some natural products that can also be used in some cancer treatments. One such technology is genetically targeted fractionated chemotherapy. Low dosages of fractionated chemotherapy reportedly work on mutation testing. The degree of side effects from this treatment is rated as minimal.

Discuss Your Breast Cancer Options For Treatment

Talk to your oncologist about new cancer technology. Oncologists are very patient-oriented professionals who have your interests at heart. You or your loved ones can discuss what are your best options for treatment.

Reach out to a breast cancer treatment service for more information.