4 Reasons Why People Choose Medical Detox

Posted on: 10 February 2020

Going to a detox center may sound like a drastic step for dealing with addiction. There are plenty of reasons, though, why a detox facility might be an option to strongly consider. Let's look at four of the biggest arguments for using a medical detox process.

Drug-Specific Issues

Some drugs lead to very difficult detoxification processes, and there are situations where it's best to kick a habit in a setting where there will be medical supervision. As innocuous as it is treated in our society, alcohol withdrawal is one of the most potentially fatal substances to get off. Individuals quitting alcohol can experience symptoms so bad they end up in an emergency room with doctors trying to save their lives.

Similar concerns apply with benzos. Due to the prevalence of their use as antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, benzos are another class that often requires addiction detoxification. Cocaine users can suffer accelerated heartbeats, and they may also experience crippling depression for weeks. Both are signs someone should undergo an addiction medical detox.

Social Influences

Besides the basic problem of withdrawal symptoms, another argument for professional addiction detox treatment is the influence of people that are close to the patient. Working in a strictly regulated environment at an addiction recovery detox facility provides structure and keeps out influences that may pull someone back into negative substance use patterns. Family members and friends who contributed to addiction cycles are kept at a safe distance while the patient undergoes addiction detox.

Family History

One of the strangest things about addiction is that some folks can put down drugs like opiates and never pick them up again while other folks struggle to stay on a particular path. A major indicator of potential problems is a known family history of addiction issues. Generally, the recurrence of addiction in families is considered a potential sign that working with professionals at a proper detox center will make a difference.

Mixed Substance Abuse Patterns

It's not uncommon for people to mix drugs, such as using cocaine during a night of heavy drinking to keep partying. Chronic use of multiple drugs can lead to dangerous overlaps of the possible withdrawal symptoms and medical issues the person suffers. Under such circumstances, supervision by an addiction medical detox professionals is important to make sure any medical or withdrawal problems that may occur will be identified quickly and sorted out without creating greater dangers.