Alternative Therapies That Will Help With Back Pain

Posted on: 11 February 2020

Back pain can be one of the most bothersome physical ailments that commonly affect people. These pains are often caused by muscle aches that are the result of heavy exercise, improper posture, or other day-to-day activities. The problem occurs when you attempt to treat back pain. Many people want to steer clear of using medications for pain relief since they only treat the pain and are not sufficient for curing the underlying cause of the pain. So, in an effort to help you deal with back pain and make sure it doesn't return, here are three alternative therapies to consider. 

Deep Tissue Massage

One of the most common reasons for back pain is tight muscles. The muscles in your back can become tight and have knots in them due to overuse in the gym or workplace. The best way for these tight knots to be corrected is for you to have someone perform a deep tissue massage. While some people might try and have a soft, leisurely massage at the gym, a deep tissue massage is going to be more effective. These massages are not designed for relaxation — they are designed to break up the tight knots in the muscle fiber. You should consult with a licensed massage therapist and ask them about the procedure. 

Suction Cup Therapy

Another method that can be used to treat back pain is something called cupping therapy. This is a process where glass or metal cups are placed on the person's back. The idea behind this is that pressure applied to the back muscle will help stimulate blood flow. Suction cup therapy can be done over the course of several sessions, or you can go in for a single treatment. The process might leave red marks on your back, but these are strictly temporary and will go away after a while. You can even find practitioners who use hot cupping therapy. This is where they use a heated cupping device to increase the circulation in your muscles. 

Acupuncture Treatments

Finally, something you might want to look into is acupuncture. This is a method of treatment where tiny needles are inserted into the surface of your skin in order to treat trigger points. A skilled acupuncturist will be able to diagnose back pain and determine where the best areas are to apply acupuncture needles. You can visit an acupuncturist after you have had cupping therapy as the two treatments are not something you need to do exclusive of one another.