3 Advantages of a Mini Gastric Bypass Versus Conventional Gastric Bypass Surgery

Posted on: 19 February 2020

If you are considering having a conventional gastric bypass to lose weight, you may want to think about alternatives to the procedure. The mini gastric bypass (MGB) offers a similar procedure, but with some advantages over the conventional bypass.

1. Faster Recovery

MGB is only performed laparoscopically, in contrast to a conventional bypass which can be performed either laparoscopically or as an open procedure. Since MGB is designed to be less invasive, the recovery is generally less even when compared to a laparoscopic conventional bypass. The advantage of a faster recovery is there is less risk of infection when there are few wounds that need to heal.

Additionally, people can be more mobile after surgery. Walking shortly after the procedure is critical to reducing the risk of postoperative blood clots. Also, people who can be more active quicker after surgery will find they lose more weight faster.

2. Reversible

Few bariatric procedures are reversible, such as the gastric balloon, gastric plication, and Lap-Band. Unlike a conventional bypass, the MGB is fully reversible. In some procedures, the remaining stomach that is no longer in use is removed after the new stomach is created. After the pouch is created for the MGB, the remaining stomach is sutured closed and left inside the body. This allows for the reconnection of the two portions of the stomach to remain a possibility if you were to change your mind in the future or if you want to revise the MGB to a different procedure. 

3. Less Rerouting

Rerouting of the intestines in a conventional bypass is what allows the stomach to connect to the intestines at a new point and bypass a portion of the intestines. The bypassed section is what leads to some amount of calorie malabsorption so fewer calories are absorbed. In the MGB, similar rerouting of the intestines occurs to create malabsorption, but the rerouting is less complex. A less complex procedure shortens the surgery time and time under general anesthesia. Generally, less complex procedures are a better option for people who would benefit from bariatric surgery but have medical conditions that increase their risk of complications from surgery or general anesthesia, such as people with a very high BMI.

If gastric bypass is right for your weight loss needs, consider alternative approaches to the procedure. MGB is a good alternative to conventional bypass surgery due to a less complicated surgery and the option to reverse the procedure if needed. For more information, attend MGM treatment webinars.