Common Questions About CBD Tinctures

Posted on: 19 May 2020

Science and medicine are beginning to reveal significant perks regarding marijuana, hemp, and the chemicals that these plants produce, like THC and CBD. But if you're a newcomer to these substances, you can end up becoming very confused as to what each thing does. If you've heard that CBD can be good for you but don't know much about it, or its common formulation as a tincture, then here's what you ought to know.

What is a Tincture?

A tincture is a fluid suspension containing a medication or chemical. In this case, a CBD tincture contains CBD, a chemical that's found in both hemp and marijuana plants.

Tinctures are popular because they can get into your body quickly. Unlike a drink, food, or joint, tinctures absorb under the tongue into the bloodstream. This makes them a convenient and discreet method of taking CBD. It's also a great way to take it if you're struggling with nausea that makes it harder to drink or eat.

Will CBD Tinctures Make You High?

CBD tinctures will absolutely not make you high. Some people report feeling more upbeat and energetic after taking CBD, but the chemical CBD itself doesn't contain any psychoactive properties. In other words, it won't make you stoned or high. The only exception to this rule is if you purposefully purchase a CBD tincture that also contains THC. However, most CBD tinctures don't contain THC. Check the label or ask a salesperson if you're not sure.

What are the Benefits of CBD Tinctures?

CBD has been shown to have tons of benefits for health. People with seizures, depression, and pain have all claimed to receive relief by taking CBD. It's often suggested for those with cancer, as well, to help get them through chemotherapy.

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical. In other words, it brings down inflammation throughout the body. This can help to speed up the healing process from wounds and injuries, but also helps to combat chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD is also a powerful antibacterial agent. New science is showing that CBD may show promise in defeating dangerous infections or preventing them in the first place. It's even possible that CBD may be helpful in treating conditions that have become antibiotic-resistant.

CBD products come with a wide variety of benefits and no significant drawbacks. Even if you want to avoid getting stoned, CBD can help you in plenty of ways without this being a risk. Look for hemp-extracted CBD if you want to ensure that there's absolutely no THC, as hemp doesn't contain THC.

For more information, reach out to a company that offers products such as antibacterial CBD tincture.