Is Your Child Ill? When You Should Take Your Child to the Pediatrician

Posted on: 26 May 2020

It can be difficult sometimes when your child is ill if you should take them to the pediatrician or not. You don't want to feel like a hypochondriac if you're taking your child to the doctor every time they have a cough, but it can be worrisome when your little one is ill and you aren't sure what to do about it. A call to the pediatrician's office when your child is ill is one thing you can do, and you may be able to talk to a nurse over the phone to discuss your child's symptoms. Read on for information to use as a guide when your child is ill, and whether you should bring them into the pediatrician's office.

1. Running a Fever

If your child is running a fever and it isn't going away, whether it's a low-grade fever or a high fever, it's time to take your child to the pediatrician. Fevers are a sign that your child has something more than just a simple cold, and medications may need to be given to help treat whatever illness is going on. If you don't have a thermometer at home, you should be sure to have one. There are many different types you can choose from, including one that you roll along the forehead, or take behind your child's ear, as opposed to the traditional thermometer used under the tongue. These other types are good for younger children especially.

2. Excessive Crying

If your child is crying excessively and is inconsolable, it could be teething or it could be a sign of something else such as an ear infection. Take your child to the pediatrician for an exam to rule out anything such as an infection. If you suspect it could be teething, you can feel in your child's mouth and on their gums for any protrusions. If your child is biting down on your finger, and is also drooling a lot, or is trying to put their fingers in their mouth, it is most likely teething. Use a warm washcloth for your child to chew on, and talk to your pediatrician about giving your child some children's pain reliever.

3. Lethargic

If your child is lethargic, or just isn't acting normal, it's time to take them into the pediatrician's office. Your child may be feeling sluggish because of whatever illness they are experiencing, but if they are having trouble doing basic daily activities such as eating a meal, or walking from one room of the house to the other, or can't pick up their head without feeling too tired, it's time to go in.

If your child is ill and can't communicate what is wrong, it can be difficult to tell if you should take your child to the pediatrician's office. Go with your gut—you know your child better than anyone. For more insight, contact pediatricians such as Dr. Dahl.