How Post-Surgery Physical Therapy Helps Those Recovering From Cancer

Posted on: 28 May 2020

The dangers of cancer are often best assessed and treated using a myriad of medical care options, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and much more. Unfortunately, some types of cancers may not be treatable in this way and must be removed with surgery. While this option is beneficial for a person's ultimate health, it can cause side effects that may require physical therapy to fully assess and treat.

Cancer Surgery Can Have a Heavy Physical Impact

A person who has cancer cut from their body is going to experience a large amount of pain that may be hard to tolerate. For example, the surgical wound will require a few days or weeks to fully heal and become pain-free. Even worse, cancer may have affected parts of the body that needed to be operated on or even removed. When this happens, a person may struggle to move properly.

When this happens, a person's recovery may be complicated because they may struggle to finish day-to-day tasks and other steps that are necessary for their well-being. Thankfully, there are many types of therapeutic options available for those in this position, including high-quality post-surgery physical therapy treatments. These can help a person recover from cancer more effectively and without needless pain.

How Physical Therapy May Help

Post-surgery physical therapy is a unique subset of this treatment that provides many different specialized benefits. That's because it is carefully fine-tuned to focus on the unique challenges caused by surgery, such as a lack of movement ability in some areas. With very fine and delicate movements, these therapists can restore a person's physical health and keep them strong and secure.

Just as importantly, these therapeutic professionals can help a person regain lost mobility in certain areas. For example, if cancer surgery made it hard for a person to rotate their arm on their shoulder, post-surgery physical therapy will restore this capability and keep a person's body stronger. In this way, a person can walk away from cancer therapy as a happier and healthier person who is capable of more in life.

And this benefit is also critical to consider for those who may suffer from a recurrence of their cancer. Another round of surgery is likely to leave them very weak and struggling to stay strong. Thankfully, post-surgery physical therapy can be adjusted to meet this need and protect a person from any more harm by keeping them as strong as possible in the face of this pain.

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