Low Cost Mental Health Counseling Options

Posted on: 17 July 2020

If you have a major depression condition that has not been fully controlled by medicine, then you may want to look into your mental health counseling options. Counseling is highly effective in treating depressive disorders, especially when paired with a traditional medication regimen. However, counseling can be expensive at times and this can lead individuals to avoid it altogether. There are some ways to minimize your costs though.

Look For Sliding Scale Therapists

There are a wide variety of professional counselors and mental health providers who do not accept medical insurance from patients. Others only accept a few types of insurance. While this may be true, a great many counselors will offer services on a sliding scale. This means that the rate you pay for each visit is determined by the amount of money that you make. If you are on a tight budget with little money coming in, then you may be able to pay the lowest rate on this scale.

Keep in mind that although the sliding scale can offer reasonable rates to people who want therapy, you will often need to pay anywhere from $50 to $75 for each appointment. Payments are usually required before your appointment, but some counselors may offer payment plans if you are having difficulty with the lower rate appointment.

And, there are even some more affordable options offered by counselors throughout the country. They do so through national programs and charity organizations and may provide care for as little as $30 for each appointment. Look at an organization like Open Path Psychotherapy Collective for the service. 

Consider A Support Group

Some people simply benefit by sharing their feelings and interacting with others. If this sounds like you, then you may want to think about joining a support group or a group counseling program in your region. These groups typically offer free, low-cost, or pay as you can sorts of options. And, each group is usually kept relatively small and scheduled at a specific time once or twice a week. This allows for consistent participation and the ability of all members of the group to share their thoughts and feelings.

Support groups can be highly specific or they may be more open to a larger group of people. So, choose the group based on your needs. For example, you may find a group geared towards suicide survivors, postpartum depression, or family loss. Drug and alcohol-related groups as well as ones geared towards survivors of illnesses are available too. 

To find a counseling or support group, reach out to a company such as Sharon O'Connell, MA