Feeling Better In Your Body: How Reconstructive Surgery Can Help

Posted on: 10 August 2020

Is there something about your body that you've always wanted to change? Thankfully, you don't have to live in a body that makes you uncomfortable. Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is a great option for people just like you, who can live happier lives by making physical changes. Many people don't know about the types of reconstructive surgery available and think that they have to live in a body that makes them uncomfortable forever. 

Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate Repair

One out of every seven hundred babies is born with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate. Lifetime issues with eating or speaking are often associated with this opening in the lip or the roof of the mouth. The exact cause of this deformity is unknown, but it is easily fixed by an experienced reconstructive surgeon. This surgery can not only provide benefits regarding speech and eating but can also drastically change physical appearance. A cleft lip is often very apparent and can be split all the way up into the nostrils. Whether you are an adult facing this condition or a parent whose child is affected, surgery can drastically impact the quality of life. 

Breast Reduction

Common issues that lead to breast reduction surgery include back pain, chronic rashes, physical limitations due to breast size, and body image concerns. Having large breasts can be physically and emotionally tolling. However, breast reduction surgery can improve your physical and mental well-being. If you struggle to find clothes that fit your body, to exercise comfortably, or have back pain due to your large breasts, you may be an excellent candidate for breast reduction.

Tissue Expansion

If you have skin abnormalities such as scarring or birthmarks, tissue expansion can help you feel comfortable in your skin again. This minimally invasive procedure uses a fluid-filled pouch under the skin that expands to stretch out healthy skin and cover damaged areas. Burn victims, dog bite survivors, and people who have scarring from car accidents are often excellent candidates for this procedure. This procedure is often favored over other options, such as skin grafts, as it can be much easier to heal from and provides optimum results. 

Is Reconstructive Surgery Right for You?

There are many reasons why you may be considering consulting a cosmetic or reconstructive surgeon. The deformities listed, along with many other conditions, can make life harder than it needs to be. You may be suffering from physical limitations or psychological issues due to a condition that can be easily repaired. Reconstructive surgeons commit their lives and careers to making people feel better about their bodies and want to help you overcome these challenges.

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