Getting A Breast Pump Covered By Insurance Doesn't Have To Be Hard: Get The Answers Here

Posted on: 2 February 2022

Do you have plans to breastfeed? If so, it is important to know that you could get a free breast pump. Perhaps you are assuming that you will get a subpar pump, but many insurers, including public health solutions, have recognized the benefits of breastfeeding. There are companies and agencies that offer this valuable service to mothers and expectant mothers. If you're insured, you may qualify for a breast pump covered by insurance. The following points identify a few things you should keep in mind about getting a breast pump through an insurance provider.

What do you need to ensure that insurance covers the cost of the pump?

Obtain a prescription from a healthcare provider. Mothers have a variety of professionals who may provide care. This means that there are several options for getting the prescription. OB-GYNs, PCPs, nurse practitioners, midwives, and pediatricians are all qualified medical professionals who can assist with this. If you decide to order a pump online or over the phone and do not have a prescription, the company you order from may be able to assist with getting the documentation needed from the healthcare provider. Be prepared to provide the contact information of the provider and your insurance details for an easy and seamless verification process.

Can you get a breast pump covered by insurance if you have already given birth?

Women who are currently breastfeeding and have not taken advantage of getting a free pump from their insurance providers can submit a claim. They will likely need to submit paperwork from their healthcare providers as proof of breastfeeding. This can usually be as simple as getting a prescription. 

Are other things related to breastfeeding covered?

Some insurance providers cover other things related to breastfeeding. Certain supplies such as storage containers for milk might be covered. Bottles for babies and nursing bras for mothers are also covered under some insurance plans. The company that sells the pump may be able to identify which insurance companies cover accessories and can make recommendations on products that they stock.

What if you received a pump from a prior pregnancy?

Your insurance provider is a good resource to use to determine if you can get another pump. It is likely that they will offer an allowance for each pregnancy. So, even if the old pump works, you are likely entitled to get a new pump for the most recent pregnancy. You can use the older pump as a backup. Many women find it convenient to have more than one pump. They can opt to use one at home and one at work or for travel.