Appreciating The Benefits Of Undergoing Professional Spinal Rehab

Posted on: 22 November 2022

After you undergo surgery on your spine, you may have to take weeks or months off from your normal routine to recover. You may face challenges in overcoming the pain and limited motion that stem from your treatment.

However, you also may want to get back to your normal daily routine as quickly as possible. You may regain your ability to move normally and avoid as much pain as possible when you take part in spinal rehab.

Relearning How to Walk

Your spine surgery may have robbed you of your ability to walk and stand up unassisted. You might be unable to walk without assistance. You also may need help standing up and bearing weight on your middle and lower spine.

When you undergo spinal rehab, you can relearn how to walk and bear weight normally again. Your therapist in the spinal rehab can work with you and teach you exercises that will help you regain your ability to walk as you did prior to your surgery. You can also work progressively toward standing up alone unassisted and walking across the floor or climbing up and down stairs without someone helping you.

Overcoming Pain

The surgery on your spine may have also left you in a great deal of pain. You might find it agonizing to get out of bed to use the bathroom, for example. You also may experience crippling pain when you try to sit down or stand up.

You may want to avoid relying on powerful pain medications, however, to get through your typical day as you heal. You may avoid becoming dependent on painkillers when you take part in spinal rehab sessions.

The exercises you do in spinal rehab may increase blood flow and flexibility in your back. You may also increase your stamina and be able to walk, stand, or move somewhat normally without experiencing debilitating pain. 

Avoiding Re-injury

Finally, spinal rehab can be vital for preventing new injuries to your spine. You may strengthen and protect your spine with the exercises you do in spinal rehab. You may be able to resume your normal routine without worrying about suffering the same injuries that left you needing surgery in the first place.

Spinal rehab can provide you with numerous benefits as you recover. It can help you learn how to stand and walk again on your own. You may also decrease or overcome your pain and avoid injuring your spine again.

For more information about spinal rehab, contact a local rehab center.