How Counselors Help Protect People During Covid-19

Posted on: 25 June 2020
Anxiety is understandable during a pandemic, and many people are very worried about the spread of COVID-19. However, this fear can cripple a person and cause a myriad of health problems, such as problems with an immune system that could increase their risk of infection. Thankfully, a counselor can help with them work through their anxiety and ensure that a person is healthy and safe. Why Anxiety Weakens a Person's Immune System
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How Drug And Alcohol Centers Help Parents Fight The Cycle Of Generational Alcoholism

Posted on: 23 June 2020
Addiction is often a generational problem that passes from parents down to their children and may haunt families for years. Unfortunately, this issue is one that parents with alcoholism may not realize and may cause them to drink heavily in front of their children, potentially setting them up for addiction later in life. Thankfully, drug and alcohol rehab centers can help decrease this issue's impact. Why Parental Alcoholism Affects Children
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Runners: 4 Signs You Need To See A Sports Medicine Doctor

Posted on: 19 June 2020
As a runner, you are used to a certain degree of soreness. To some extent, you have to run through it. But there are times when that soreness is more than just tired, tense muscles. Sometimes the soreness is actually due to an injury that should be treated by a sports medicine doctor. So how do you know? Well, the following are signs you need to see a doctor about your running-related pain.
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Questions Patients Often Have Before A Cardiovascular Stress Test

Posted on: 16 June 2020
If your doctor has reason to suspect you may suffer from heart disease, then they will probably send you for what is known as a stress test. This test will involve challenging your body to the max athletically and monitoring the way your heart responds to the athletic challenge. The idea of having to run on a treadmill while your doctor watches your heart rate rise can be a bit intimidating, so it's only natural that you'd have some questions as your testing date looms.
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